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Savannah Mullis


Savannah Mullis


Hello, I’m Savannah Mullis! I am a part of the administrative team and am excited to be interning here at Evoke as well. I am currently a student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington working toward my Master of Social Work. I played volleyball competitively for most of my life and in college, so whenever I have downtime, I play recreationally with friends and family. You can find me at the front desk or shadowing sessions. I cannot wait to meet you!

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close up of yellow coffee mug with script font that reads "you already have what it takes." The Art of Compassion blog by Evoke Mind and Body, Wilmington, NC

The Art of Compassion

Holding compassion for others starts with compassion for ourselves. Here are our tips for managing conflict and navigating relationships with compassion.
Red and gold christmas tree ball ornament. Facing Loneliness During the Holidays blog from Evoke Mind + Body Wilmington, NC

Facing Loneliness During the Holidays

Whether or not you've chosen to spend the holidays alone, here are our tips for addressing loneliness during this time.
Attention-seeking behaviors blog Evoke Mind + Body Wilmington, NC

Viewing Your Child’s Attention-Seeking Behaviors Through a New Lens

Children’s attention-seeking behaviors present differently and can be overwhelming for parents. Remember that your child is communicating a need for connection.
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The People-Pleasing Puzzle

In this blog, we'll explore where the people-pleasing behavioral pattern comes from and discuss how it affects our adult lives.
three women of varying sizes and skin tones, holding arms up cheerfully and smiling body acceptance Evoke Mind and Body Wilmington, NC

Six Tips for Body Acceptance

Your body is the only place you live! Here are our tips for building a healthy relationship with it and achieving body acceptance.
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Unveiling the Overlapping Struggles: Eating Disorders and OCD

Battling the relentless thoughts of an eating disorder can be exhausting, and when coupled with OCD, it creates a unique and challenging set of obstacles. In this blog post, we'll explore the intricate connection between these two disorders and discuss potential treatments and support available for those affected.
hand on window in the rain

Emotional Healing and Coping with Grief: Navigating Life After Loss

Explore the complex journey of grief and the normal range of emotions that accompany loss. Learn how to cope, heal, and find support during times of grieving.
woman holding her pregnant belly, new blog from Evoke Wilmington, NC

How To Navigate Birth Trauma: Birth Trauma Awareness Week

Many new mothers face unexpected challenges during childbirth or pregnancy. Understanding and acknowledging birth trauma is crucial for healing and recovery.
two women sitting on the floor talking in a therapy session, stack of books and a coffee mug nearby, helping teens learn to manage anger and aggression blog from Evoke Wellness, Wilmington, NC

Help Your Teen Learn How to Manage Anger and Aggression

Anger is a normal emotion. However, aggression that creates unsafe situations should never be tolerated. Help your teen manage anger and avoid aggression.
Evoke Wellness yoga instructor Marisa Karoutsos holding a yoga pose, "toxic positivity of good vibes only" blog

Authentic Vibes Only: Erasing Toxic Positivity From Yoga Practice

Yoga is not just there for you when it's “good vibes only." Yoga is there for you however you're feeling, especially when you are your most authentic self.
Woman holding needlepoints that have reassuring sayings. New blog from Evoke Wellness "fighting Sunday scaries." Wilmington, NC

Fighting the Sunday Scaries: How to Change Your Relationship with Sundays

How do we change our relationship with Sundays? How do we reclaim our well-deserved time to rest and recuperate? Let’s talk about fighting the Sunday Scaries.
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Rise and Shine: Sleep Hygiene

How many of us can relate to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and too busy? In today’s fast-paced world, we can easily forget about our sleep hygiene.
Purple yoga mat in the Evoke Wellness yoga studio, Wilmington, NC

Yoga is for Every Body — Breaking Down Your Misconceptions

Let's break down some of the beliefs and misconceptions about yoga so you can feel more confident about signing up for a session at Evoke Mind + Body.
Therapist and woman talking in a room, feeling your feelings

Feeling Your Feelings: The Mind / Body Connection

In therapy, we are asked to feel our feelings, but what does that mean? Learn about the mind/body connection and more.
woman sitting on a couch writing identity and anxiety Evoke Wellness NC

Identity and Anxiety Are Connected: How to Find Yourself

If we don't feel confident in our identities, it can lead to anxiety in our lives. Let's chat about the connection between identity and anxiety in your life.
Close up of a Christmas ornament in a tree, muted colors, coping with grief during the holidays

How To: Coping with Grief During the Holidays

As much as the holidays are painted like Hallmark movies, the winter months can be tough for those coping with grief. Here are some tips from Evoke Mind + Body.
brooke cagle sitting at table in front of laptop

How to Find a “Good Fit” Therapist

If you’re feeling unsure about whether a therapist is right for you, we’re here to help! The relationship you have with your therapist is of importance.
2 girls sitting on floor and meditating Evoke Wellness Wilmington North Carolina

Considering Therapy? Here’s What You Can Expect

If you’re considering therapy but are unsure what to expect, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s talk about the process of starting therapy.