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close up of yellow coffee mug with script font that reads "you already have what it takes." The Art of Compassion blog by Evoke Mind and Body, Wilmington, NC
Family Conflict

The Art of Compassion

Holding compassion for others starts with compassion for ourselves. Here are our tips for managing conflict and navigating relationships with compassion.

women laughing together in a group setting

The People-Pleasing Puzzle

In this blog, we’ll explore where the people-pleasing behavioral pattern comes from and discuss how it affects our adult lives.

three women of varying sizes and skin tones, holding arms up cheerfully and smiling body acceptance Evoke Mind and Body Wilmington, NC
Individual Therapy

Six Tips for Body Acceptance

Your body is the only place you live! Here are our tips for building a healthy relationship with it and achieving body acceptance.

Woman in orange with hat and glasses eating a salad
Individual Therapy

Unveiling the Overlapping Struggles: Eating Disorders and OCD

Battling the relentless thoughts of an eating disorder can be exhausting, and when coupled with OCD, it creates a unique and challenging set of obstacles. In this blog post, we’ll explore the intricate connection between these two disorders and discuss potential treatments and support available for those affected.

woman in bed, wearing a white sleeping mask. Sleep hygiene, Evoke Wellness Wilmington, NC
Therapy 101

Rise and Shine: Sleep Hygiene

How many of us can relate to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and too busy? In today’s fast-paced world, we can easily forget about our sleep hygiene.

Close up of a Christmas ornament in a tree, muted colors, coping with grief during the holidays

How To: Coping with Grief During the Holidays

As much as the holidays are painted like Hallmark movies, the winter months can be tough for those coping with grief. Here are some tips from Evoke Mind + Body.

brooke cagle sitting at table in front of laptop
Therapy 101

How to Find a “Good Fit” Therapist

If you’re feeling unsure about whether a therapist is right for you, we’re here to help! The relationship you have with your therapist is of importance.